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Fijians raise the flag for West Papua

Written By Unknown on Selasa, 02 Desember 2014 | 15.33

Although the fight for freedom for West Papua is far from our own shores, a group of local supporters have shown their solidarity towards the West Papua cause.
A vigil with special flag raising ceremony was held this morning by local supporters.

The West Papua struggle is a cause this group believes needs support locally and in the region.

“Well today is part of the global action of raising the morning star, the symbol of west Papua. In West Papua, to raise this flag, would almost mean a death sentence and has done for many people. And its just a way of those of us in Fiji, showing our solidarity
with those in West Papua,” Rev James Baghwan, Movement Supporter.

Baghwan says the movement small as it seems, have the support of the Fiji Council of Churches, Pacific Conference of Churches and the Methodist Church which sympathise with the cause.

“This is something, I think that people should start to acept in this current situation. Its very important that we understand of course that the issue with West Papua is a very wide, broad spectrum issue, it is about self determination in the fuller sense in terms of political independence, but also economic, education, health care and the struggle of the people of West Papua.”

Baghwan says the struggle now have a future voice all because of these youths

“And we are very happy to support our young people of Fiji; who are aware of the situation and are willing to raise morw awareness by doing this event, so we are happy to be part of the peace vigil and be with them as they raise this flag.”

Ten years ago in 2004, the UK based Free West Papua Campaign was set up by exiled West Papua leader Benny Wenda to encourage the UN to hold an Independence Referendum in West Papua.

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